Equality And Diversity Training

Protecting business and enriching lives. Equality and Diversity training and development is an investment in your business.

Discrimination claims can be extremely damaging for a business. Under the Equality Act 2010, employees and customers can claim discrimination on a range of grounds including age, disability race or sexual orientation.

At diversiti UK our courses help your company and employees recognise good practices in equality and diversity, ensuring that you are able to uncover the potential within your employees to grow your business.

diversiti UK specialises in providing bespoke learning and development programmes and a tailored consultancy service. With over twenty years of experience in disability awareness, equality and diversity and teaching English as a second language we are committed to delivering development solutions that produce results.

Our trainers and consultants are experts in their field and have exceptional skills in the field of equality and diversity training and facilitation. Using their communicative and interpersonal skills our trainers inspire and encourage delegates to immerse themselves in the programme. Their focused approach and accelerated learning techniques aim to develop knowledge, skills and practical application.

We deliver “in-house” equality and equality training for groups at a time, date and location to suit your organisations’ needs. Training programmes are matched to your specific requirements. We use a combination of ‘real life’ scenarios, interactive exercises and open discussion to truly engage delegates in the learning process.

Our learning and development programmes are designed to improve workforce efficiency, creativity, productivity and workplace inclusiveness.

We provide a range of learning and development programmes to better meet our clients’ needs, including Equality and Diversity, Cultural Awareness, Disability Awareness and Business English for global workers.

“More employers are coming up with solutions to create an inclusive workplace in order to maximise productivity, attract new talent and increase employee commitment” – Creating An Inclusive Workplace, Equality and Human Rights Commission, 2010.

Engaging Individuals with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities in Workplace Learning, Download the Material Here.  Also, you may want to download our brochure here.

What Our Clients Say!

“The trainers were brilliant, well versed on the subject and provided clear and understandable information. They encouraged full participation of everyone.”

-Heather Farmsworth Moore, Manager from Eastway Care Ltd

“Diversiti UK provided a great training course in which I learnt a lot. It was fun, interactive and I was able to put what I had learnt into practical use when we looked at the case studies. The trainers were knowledgeable and were able to answer any questions the group had.”

-Maria Fox, Play Worker from Fair Play Barnet

“I would like to thank Garry and Cheryl for their very thorough presentation and interactive practice on equalities.”

-Myna Papaspynatou, Primary School Teacher and Language Tutor

“A great course and very important for taxi drivers, especially very helpful for new drivers.”

-Murilo Soares Victor, Taxi Driver, South Oxfordshire

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