Training and Education


High Quality Service

As our client you will enjoy outstanding, highly personalised, levels of service. We work with you as a skilled team and close liaison at every stage of engagement with you is the key to our mutual success. We hold ourselves accountable to a very high standard.

Exceptional Results

Our Service results in focused in-house diversity training courses which deliver exceptional results OR a well-designed and easily absorbed more generalized package. We excel in the field of diversity and education as a complex segment. The choice depends on your individual requirements which we will assess in collaboration with you.

“Very informative and thought provoking” Nigel Underwood – Underwoods LLP

Enhanced Employees’ Performance

Training and development is an investment in your workforce. At DIVERSITI UK this investment results in your success. We make sure that our training programmes help you in achieving desired workforce behaviour and competence. Training programmes are only designed after conducting a full needs analysis so that each programme is delivered to meet YOUR unique needs.

Our training ensures that your employees are better able to meet challenges in the workplace and are committed to adding a new dimension to the success of your team. We will address the unique element of diversity and education for example.

It will ensure that employees are more able to uncover the potential within your existing customer base and access untapped markets.

“Great day, loads of info delivered very well by a great trainer. Kept the group going well, time flew by. Will tell my Manager what a great course. Please run another’’”
Children’s Centre Worker, – Cumbria

Ongoing Support

We are always there before and after the training to provide support to our clients.

Interactive Community

We are also building an online interactive community using social media, where people can contribute, have questions answered and really feel that they are part of something unique.

Our Key Diversity Training Courses and Classes Are:

Equality Courses

1. Equality and Diversity
2. Challenging Attitudes and Achieving Equality
3. Disability Awareness and Equality
4. Inclusion of Disabled People
5. Total Communication (for staff working with people who have communication difficulties)

English language Courses

6. ESOL/EFL (for speakers of other languages)
7. Business English for Global Workers (for speakers of other languages who work on a global basis)

Home Tutoring

8. Home Tutoring for Young People in Range of Subjects
9. Home Tutoring for Adults in A Range of Subjects