Cultural Awareness

Recommended course length: Full day


The UK is now one of the most diverse places in the world, which means that our customers, clients, and staff are from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds. As a result, learning more about and understanding other people’s culture is imperative for creating a productive, inclusive workplace that benefits everyone.
This workshop will help participants to develop cross-cultural awareness by understanding what culture is, identifying their own culture and how it may differ from others, and discussing ways to be more inclusive of different cultures.

Topics Covered

  • What is culture?
  • Hidalgo’s 3 levels of culture
  • Describing your own cultural identity (personal and social identity)
  • Understanding values, beliefs, and prejudices
  • Common differences and misunderstandings
  • Using cultural awareness to tackle discrimination

Course Outcomes

  • Define what culture is and its different levels
  • Identify their own culture and how it relates to others
  • Understand cultural differences and why there may be misunderstandings
  • Understand how values, beliefs, and prejudices are formed
  • Identify practical ways to be more inclusive of other cultures in the workplace

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