edi.t Accreditation

Accreditation for changing workplaces

Delivered by the team of experts at Diversiti UK, the edi.t Accreditation Award helps our members improve workplace equality, diversity & inclusion standards for all.

Our goal is to help create amazing workplaces where Equality, Diversity & Inclusion is core to an employers culture, values and behaviour.

edi.t Accreditation Awards

We guide and support you to achieve excellence and recognition through our EDIT accreditation trustmark awards. Upon successful assessment, you will receive an Edit EmployerChampion or Pioneer award and award logo that can be used as part of your communication strategy.

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edi.t Employer

The edi.t Employer award is recognition that you have agreed to work towards a set of standards to ensure EDI is core to your culture, values and behaviour.

edi.t employers go beyond compliance and follow a structured framework for success and measurable change.

edi.t Champion

The edi.t Champion award is recognition that you have successfully implemented EDI changes across all levels of your organisation, demonstrating tangible benefits to their organisation and workforce.

edi.t champions have improved their workplace culture and are making equality, diversity and inclusion central to their future strategy.

edi.t Pioneer

The edi.t Pioneers award is recognition that you are setting new standards and leading the way in delivering EDI strategies as a force for good.

edi.t pioneers understand and leverage the enormous potential of EDI. They have transformed their workplaces and are setting new EDI standards that are becoming the benchmark for their industry.

An increase in staff morale and staff retention
Greater staff commitment and more positive attitude to work
Lowered staff grievances and better engagement
Improved career opportunities and social mobility
Better organisational culture
Increased customer trust and satisfaction, giving your business a competitive advantage
Increased profitability and performance within organisation
New market opportunities and greater market share

Accreditation Pricing

The pricing structure for the edi.t Accreditation Awards is inclusive, catering to individuals, small to medium-sized businesses, and larger corporations. Recognising the importance of accessibility, we have implemented a tiered pricing system based on the size of the business. This ensures that the cost does not pose a barrier for self-employed individuals and smaller enterprises.

Our pricing structure accounts for the varying complexity and time required to assess organisations of different sizes.


Perfect for solo-entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals. Renewed annually on the anniversary of the award.

£175 per year

Small Business

Suitable for small businesses with 50 or fewer employees. Renewed annually on the anniversary of the award.

£895 per year

Medium Business

Suitable for organisations employing 250 or fewer employees. Renewed annually on the anniversary of the award.

£1,795 per year


Suitable for larger organisations employing 250+ people. Renewed annually on the anniversary of the award.

£3,250 per year

Can I apply for edi.t accreditation?

Yes, edi.t accreditation is available to any individual or organisation committed to promoting and implementing practices that foster equality, diversity, and inclusion within their businesses and workplaces.

Throughout the edi..t Accreditation process, we assess an organisation’s EDI practices and assign a rating or certification based on the evaluation results. This evaluation occurs annually, and accreditation is granted based on the organisation’s ongoing goals and demonstrated improvements.

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