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Being Culturally Competent in Managing a Diverse Team

The Purpose Of The Course

This course will provide managers and team leaders with a greater in depth knowledge to develop the skills and ability to become culturally competent. They will develop a deeper understanding of how people from differing cultures view authority figures and approaches to work. Cross-cultural communication will be examined and managers will become aware of how to manage in a more culturally sensitive way.

This training provides the opportunity for managers and team leaders to reflect and review their own practice and be more confident when dealing with cultural issues.

Benefits For Your Organisation

The greatest asset of any organisation is its people. Having managers
who are skilled at managing team members from many different cultural backgrounds promotes greater workplace harmony, employee fulfilment and greater creativity. Thus creating a greater business result.

Topics Covered

  • What is Culture and Cultural Competency?
  • Looking out for ethnocentric behaviour
  • Polychronic and monochronic cultures
  • Developing cultural competency in teams
  • Cross-cultural communication – communication cycle
  • Identifying barriers to effective communication in teams
  • Cross-cultural leadership, management and working relationships
  • Leadership styles and team development
  • Being culturally sensitive and providing support to your team
  • Case studies
  • Creating an action plan for managing a diverse team

By The End Of The Course Delegates Will Be Able To:

  • Define what perceptions and stereotypes exist around culture
  • Identify different models of culture
  • Understand cross-cultural communication styles
  • Develop support mechanisms for a culturally diverse team
  • Understand how your leadership style may impact positively or negatively on your team members
  • Devise strategies to support teams to become more culturally aware and move towards cultural competence