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General Safeguarding Training

The Purpose Of The Course

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. This course enables learners to understand current safeguarding issues. It will give you the confidence to apply the correct actions and procedures to make a safeguarding alert where necessary. A particularly useful course for people who work with vulnerable children and adults.

Benefits For Your Organisation

We all have a duty to safeguard in the work place and in our daily lives. Safeguarding training shows that your organisation takes best practice seriously. It shows that as an organisation you are aware of the benefits in ensuring that staff are trained. It will promote inter-agency working and cooperative practice. Having a firm understanding of the principles of safeguarding brings a whole range of benefits to yourself and your team. It empowers your team to feel capable of dealing with any incidents that might arise at work that are based on the subjects of neglect and abuse.

Topics Covered

  • What is safeguarding
  • Identifying groups of vulnerable people
  • Legislation
  • Categories of abuse
  • Signs and symptoms of abuse
  • Effects of abuse
  • What to do if someone says something to you
  • Reporting concerns
  • The procedure for making a safeguarding alert

By The End Of The Course Delegates Will Be Able To:

  • Understand what safeguarding is and their role in this process
  • Recognise and respond to concerns about an adult or child who is potentially in need of safeguarding and know how to take appropriate action.
  • Understand the procedures for making a ‘safeguarding alert’
  • Have knowledge about policies, procedures and legislation that supports safeguarding of adults and children