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Inclusion of Disabled People

The Purpose Of The Course

Inclusion is not just about improving access to services or adding disabled people to your workforce, but also supporting people to engage in wider processes to ensure that their rights and needs are recognised. You have
to have inclusion in order to achieve equity. This course explores the issues preventing inclusion for disabled people and the steps we can take to achieve more equitable services for everyone.

Benefits For Your Organisation

Regardless of whether you are aiming to access a wider market, attract new talent to your company or make your service more accessible to everyone then this course is for you. You will acquire practical advice and guidance through our unique activities which will give the confidence to make the necessary changes.

Topics Covered

  • Inclusion or Integration
  • Creating a Welcoming environment
  • Communication
  • Identifying prejudice
  • Adapting your environment
  • Providing good support

By The End Of The Course Delegates Will Be Able To:

  • Define what disability is
  • Identify measures to achieve inclusion and equity
  • Understand what your customers and/or staff require
  • Identify areas of the Equality Act 2010 that impact on your organisation
  • Distinguish between different methods of communication and develop resources to aid communication