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Inclusive Leadership

Course Overview

Change usually happens from the top down. If you want your organisation to be inclusive, diverse, and equitable, then the responsibility for making those changes – or acting on suggestions provided by staff, customers, or even consultants – is on you.

This course will explore how you can build EEDI into your organisation at multiple levels and create a welcoming, inclusive culture for all of your employees.

Recommended course length: Half-day (full day if including a facilitated discussion on making changes)

Topics covered

  • Understanding the sociopolitical context
  • Understanding power imbalances
  • Self-awareness and unconscious biases
  • Seeking input and active listening
  • Recruitment and promotion
  • Setting goals

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Develop their personal understanding of themselves and their relationship to their staff
  • Understand how their biases can affect the organisation and how they can reduce negative impacts
  • Practice active listening and model inclusive leadership for others