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Inclusive Recruitment

The Purpose Of The Course

We all know what a minefield recruitment can be. This course on Inclusive Recruitment is designed to help you understand how to apply techniques of inclusivity at all stages of the recruitment process.

Benefits For Your Organisation

The course will ensure that all staff are aware of the issues surrounding equality, diversity and inclusion and be able to demonstrate this awareness through their actions in the workplace. This will have a ‘knock on effect’ in demonstrating to your customers and clients your commitment to these issues. This will result in tangible benefits for the workplace.

Topics Covered

  • How to avoid discrimination and bias
  • Designing inclusive job descriptions
  • Designing inclusive job advertisements using appropriate language
  • Applying reasonable adjustments and avoiding discrimination in the interview
  • Understanding the 9 protected characteristics

By The End Of The Course Delegates Will Be Able To:

  • Understand the Benefits of a diverse workforce
  • Access Alternative talent pools
  • Create a company ‘core value’ around inclusive recruitment
  • Write job adverts that appeal to all areas of the community
  • Showcase your companies diversity practices
  • Understand the importance of Flexible working, Reasonable adjustments, Maintaining wellbeing and Maximising inclusion
  • Identify what needs to change
  • Access support