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Reverse Mentors

The Purpose Of The Course

This module is designed to help ‘reverse mentors’ understand the role and benefits of reverse mentoring, potential barriers to reverse mentoring and identify a range of tools and techniques used in mentoring activity.

Benefits For Your Organisation

Developing knowledge and use of new technologies across your organisation. The reverse mentor can share their knowledge and skills with these technologies to enable their mentee to benefit from improved working practices.

Building an inclusive learning culture where skills and best practice are shared around the workforce effectively

Closing generational gaps & retaining younger talent. Reverse mentoring is a great way to engage these younger generations as it provides the reverse mentor with an opportunity to share their own capabilities which in turn gives value to their role.

Developing leadership skills in younger employees. As well as developing the capabilities of the mentee, the younger employee has the opportunity to develop communication skills and leadership skills.

Topics Covered

  • The role of a mentor, the challenges of reverse mentoring and strategies for overcoming these
  • The contracting process, getting buy-in and building rapport with your mentee
  • Building and maintaining productive mentor/mentee relationships
  • Identifying and using effective techniques for skills gap analysis
  • Designing a support programme for your mentee
  • Identifying and practicing asking the right questions and active listening skills
  • Giving developmental feedback and evaluating success

By The End Of The Course Delegates Will Be Able To:

  • Understand the benefits of reverse mentoring (and mentoring generally)
  • Develop a structured reverse mentoring programme
  • Build effective working relationships across your organisation
  • Apply mentoring skills, and use a range of tools and techniques
  • Understand when to ask questions and when to listen.