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Do Great

Do diversity. Do equality. Do inclusion.

Great People

With support, everybody has the potential to be great. Training and development has become an invaluable investment in building successful modern workforces. We help organisations meet strategic objectives through behaviour, competence and personal development training.

Training programmes are only designed after conducting a full needs analysis so that each programme is delivered to meet YOUR unique needs.

Our training ensures that your employees are better able to meet challenges in the workplace and are committed to adding a new dimension to the success of your team. We will address the unique elements of equality and diversity.  It will ensure that employees are more able to uncover the potential within your existing customer base and access untapped markets.

Great Culture

A great Culture is the Key to success for every company and institution. Every business is only as good as it’s people. The more fulfilment each employee enjoys, combined with comradeship and a sense of creativity, the greater the business result.

Diversiti UK is on a mission to bring understanding and harmony that makes collaboration and fun core elements in every workplace. A great Culture is the Key to success for every company and institution. Developing and nurturing great culture will help in attracting and retaining the best talent.

Team spirit is priceless. Our courses and handpicked trainers make this business ideal a reality.

Great Business

Diversity gives you a great advantage in the commercial world. Organisations with diverse perspectives are far better placed to innovate. We show how investing in diverse teams can help organisations deliver at a higher level.

Diversity offers incredible potential to drive innovation and give you a competitive edge. Turn challenges into opportunities. Problem solve with more creativity.  Reach new markets. Attract better employees and deliver growth.

Our experienced trainers engage at every level of an organisation showing how EDI can deliver a great return on investment

Ethnically diverse companies can out perform less ethnically diverse companies by up to 35%.

” Diversiti UK provided a great training course in which I learnt a lot. It was fun, interactive and I was able to put what I had learnt into practical use when we looked at the case studies. The trainers were knowledgeable and were able to answer any questions the group had. “

Maria Fox, Fair Play Barnet

 ” We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our staff who have attended ‘Equality & Diversity in Mental Health’, provided by Diversiti UK. Attendees have consistently rated the course highly when evaluating its usefulness in relation to their job role. Feedback indicates that content is delivered in an engaging and relatable manner and the course remains one of our most requested amongst staff.”

Tim Dennehy, L&D Coordinator, Recovery Focus

Our Diversity Guide

10 ways to: increase diversity, raise cultural awareness and grow your business

View our short guide to improving diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace.


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