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Equity, diversity and inclusion offer a significant advantage in the business world. Organisations with diverse perspectives are better positioned to innovate. We’ll discuss how investing in diverse teams can help your organisation deliver at a higher level.

During our EDI consultancy session, we will assess your potential for growth, innovation, and gaining a competitive edge. We’ll address your challenges and outline a path to transform them into opportunities, enhancing your problem-solving abilities with greater creativity. Additionally, we’ll guide you on attracting top-tier employees and retaining existing ones.

Our experts will engage at every level of your organisation, demonstrating how EDI training and accreditation can yield a significant return on investment.

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Cambridge City Council

We have a fantastic partnership with Diversiti UK, who have continually been supportive of our training needs.

Prince’s Trust

A great training course to inspire conversation and have a better understanding of how we can support a wider target group. It made me more aware of why EDI data is important.

Geological Society of London

When we were seeking EDI training for our staff one organisation really stood out above the rest. The in-depth planning and discussions held beforehand resulted in training sessions that perfectly catered to the culture and needs of our organisation.


During our audits, we deliver comprehensive reports that pinpoint barriers to inclusion for neurodiverse individuals, people with disabilities, and other marginalised groups. Our access auditing team ensures that your recruitment practices, premises, and digital services are accessible to all, including staff and customers.

We provide actionable recommendations to help you welcome everyone through your doors and fulfil your legal obligations under relevant legislation.

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Our Clients

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With support, everybody has the potential to be great. Training and development has become an invaluable investment in building successful modern workforces. We help organisations meet strategic objectives through behaviour, competence and personal development training.

Training programmes are only designed after conducting a full needs analysis so that each programme is delivered to meet YOUR unique needs.

Our training ensures that your employees are better able to meet challenges in the workplace and are committed to adding a new dimension to the success of your team. We will address the unique elements of equality and diversity. It will ensure that employees are more able to uncover the potential within your existing customer base and access untapped markets.

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In the constantly evolving landscape of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), it’s crucial to regularly review and analyse your progress. Our analysis services specialise in making sense of the data you’ve gathered, presenting it in an easy-to-understand manner.

By carefully examining your EDI data, we uncover valuable insights that form the basis of a strong EDI strategy. From spotting trends to identifying areas for improvement, our analysis gives you the knowledge to create a targeted action plan. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your EDI efforts.

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