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Case Study – Developing an in-house solution.

Below is an open, honest and excellent case study and testimonial from an independent public sector organisation we have been working with recently to develop an in-house learning solution. This organisation has a clear commitment to equality, diversity and inclusive practice and works hard to ensure equity and fairness in the areas it operates. 

The name of this organisation cannot be shared, due to their internal policy that testimonials are given anonymously.

How did you hear about us?  How did the relationship with Diversiti UK start?

“I found your organisation through a Google search, as l needed a number of competitors for a tender. Although l had another preferred service in mind, l was committed to a fair and open process. Throughout the contact with all of the providers, Diversiti UK stood out through their excellent communication, the clear understanding of our requirements and the quality of the tender material. This was supported by the evidence of their previous work and the awards that they have won. They were competitively priced and able to make promises in line with my tight timescales.”

What was the presenting training or team development need (objectives)?

“The objectives carried across three discrete areas, but were all for up-to-date e-learning materials for our Learner Management System (LMS) material. The subjects to be covered were reverse mentoring; inclusive recruitment; an alternative to unconscious bias (pre-judging and decision making).”

What are the intended outcomes and benefits for your organisation?

“We want to have a permanent training resource, in the relevant areas, that can be accessed by colleagues at the exact time that they need the learning. This is in line with having a portfolio of EDI material that colleagues can use to continuously develop their own understanding and capabilities in these areas. This will in turn support the organisation’s aspirations to be an inclusive employer and to provide services that engage with under-represented groups.”

How did we work with you? 

“The collaboration with Diversiti UK was fantastic. Communication was frequent and informative, and they were flexible around my own competing commitments. Timescales for work were clearly stated and updates were provided that kept me informed of progress. There were limitations around the bespoke specifics that l originally provided but Diversiti UK were impeccable in the manner in which they responded to requests for additions and amendments to submitted content. The flexibility, patience and expertise that they demonstrated highlighted their exceptional level of professionalism. They also provided me with inspiration for better working practices going forward.”

What was the solution delivered?

“A suite of 3 e-learning modules covering reverse mentoring; inclusive recruitment; and an alternative to unconscious bias (pre-judging and decision making).  All requested products were delivered to a high standard, following additional feedback after the first submission.”

What did we do well?

“Communication and collaboration with me, as the customer, was second to none. This is a working relationship that l would be happy to take forward for years to come.”

What could have been improved?

“The initial submission did not meet the expected level of quality and featured a number of minor errors. There were some larger items that also needed improvement but a contributing factor to this was a lack of information relating to the specifics of my organisation and our own corporate style.” 

Note from Diversiti UK. The key learning for us here is to ensure that learning objectives and specifications are agreed from the outset.  We will also ensure that proofing of all products is given sufficient attention. These improvements have already been implemented.

So what’s next for your organisation? 

“We are planning to continuously develop further EDI learning products.”

Would you recommend us to others looking for similar services? 

“Given reasonable deadlines to work with, l would strongly recommend Diversiti UK. They set a brilliant standard for collaboration and communication, and put great customer service ahead of everything.”

Anything else?

Just to say a personal thanks to Steve, Garry and Beccy!

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