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A group of people facing a wall with their arms around each other - a case study of diversity

Case Study – The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) for Wiltshire and Swindon.

Discussing disproportionality, diversity and inclusion themes within the Criminal Justice System – A case study

Who are you?

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) for Wiltshire and Swindon.

How did you hear about us?

Due to the nature of our organisation, we are required to follow formal tendering processes and consider a minimum of 3 proposals.  We initially completed a desk based internet search, followed by initial conversations with potential suppliers to develop and research potential options for meeting our needs. Diversiti UK stood out at this stage as engaging and passionate about the subject.

What was the presenting training or team development need (objectives)?

Through internal consultation and development, prior to sending out requests for quotation, we identified that there was a lack of opportunity for key stakeholders to come together to discuss disproportionality, diversity and inclusion themes within the Criminal Justice System. 

EDI personnel development was limited to e-module content. We wanted the people on the ground to be able to engage in these discussions, with subject matter experts (in this case Diversiti UK) facilitating these events.

  • The specific aims of this learning and development programme was for criminal justice staff attending the programme to have:
    • Developed a better understanding of equal opportunities and discrimination.
    • Improved their practical knowledge of relevant legislation. 
    • Consider pre-judgement and other impacts on decision making.
    • Increased cultural awareness and cultural competency.

The target audience included a mix of decision makers and influencers from front line staff to managers.

How did we work with you? 

As we were engaging with subject matter experts on equality, diversity and inclusion, we were looking for the provider to take the lead and act as consultants in developing the training solution.

Once Diversiti UK had won the tender, we handed over the full programme development. This was essentially a pilot programme to see if this kind of programme improved engagement and open discussion around the target themes.

Reviews were scheduled after each module was delivered, looking at progress against deliverables, attendance levels and feedback evaluation.

What was the training solution delivered?

4 interactive modules, facilitated discussion and case study reviews.

Module 1 – Defining equality and supporting legislation

Module 2 – Do we pre-judge and what affects our decision making?

Module 3 – Cultural Awareness

Module 4 – Cultural Competency Delivered via MS Teams, attendance to each module was voluntary according to need and interest. Promotional materials and administrative process for course booking and evaluation were developed.

What are the outcomes and benefits for your organisation?

The feedback and evaluations from delegates has been hugely positive, with over 90% delegate satisfaction and nearly 20% increase in understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion themes.

So what’s next for you?

We have agreed to conduct a review after about 3 months, where we will send out another survey to identify how the training has embedded into the participant behaviours and mindsets.

If you feel that we can help your organisation in a similar way, then contact us now on 0800 612 7429 or email enquiries@diversiti.uk for a free EDI audit and consultation on your needs.

“The trainer Pat Wade was superb and probably one of the best trainers I have ever come across. The content was though, provoking and really hit the right spot. Excellent!”

“I thought this was excellent training. Really good discussions, good balance of participation and listening. A lot of information given in a manageable and effective way. Has got me motivated and I am looking forward to the future modules. Thank you Pat for being so engaging, putting so much energy in to it and he clearly had so much knowledge and passion to pass on.”

“I found the session really engaging and appreciated having an open and honest forum for discussions. There was a clear structure to the training, but without being too rigid, so it allowed the conversation and direction of training to naturally flow. Pat was brilliant, really engaging as a trainer. It’s not easy to keep my attention for more than an hour, but Pat managed this with ease! Thanks again, look forward to the next module.”

“All I wanted to say is a massive thank you to Garry, Pat and Mark for the work on our training, which from the feedback I have had, is going very well, with good numbers in attendance – I have to give a big shout out and thank you to Mark for his excellent customer service and keeping in touch. Nothing has been too much trouble for him and his time and support is really appreciated.”

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