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Hazlitt’s Hotel undergoes EDI training from DiversitiUK

Hazlitt’s Hotel chains in London are one of Diversiti UK’s newest clients and recently underwent EDI training (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) throughout their organisation. Hazlitt’s wanted to understand how EDI can be managed better and enjoyed to the fullest extent by incorporating best practices into their hospitality business.

The DiversitiUK team helps organisations across a wide range of industries, each facing its own unique challenges and opportunities. EDI in hospitality is about more than just recognising differences; it is about valuing them and understanding how they may affect the experience of a both employee and guest.

As one of the most multicultural industries in the world, hospitality naturally caters to a diverse clientele with diverse work cultures. With extensive supply chains, there are many businesses associated with the hospitality sector as well as a diverse set of employees and customers from around the world. This makes the industry exceptionally diverse and can present some challenges, but it also creates opportunities for organisations to become more productive, creative, innovative and attractive to customers. So understanding cultural diversity and how to effectively create and manage a diverse workforce can reap significant rewards for any business.

EDI Training is a valuable tool that can deliver significant benefits helping to improve cultural awareness, communication and collaboration. Employees are helped to acknowledge and appreciate their different backgrounds, experiences, and cultural histories. As a result, job satisfaction will improve, reducing turnover and creating loyal, productive workers.

A culture of Diversity brings about a long list of benefits, but there are also some challenges involved, such as employees from different cultures being apprehensive about speaking up for themselves. Furthermore, stereotypes and prejudices can also make it difficult to successfully integrate teams, and misunderstandings can arise from poor communication.

EDI training can help address these challenges and prevent negative outcomes which can be harmful to an organisation brand and bottom line. There are many ways that EDI training can help to build an inclusive company culture. DiversitiUK training can show how companies can:

  • Make diversity a priority during the hiring process
  • Create clear policies that are inclusive
  • Find ways to support effective communication
  • Encourage positive interactions among employees

To be effective, an organisational culture should reflect the values, beliefs, and attitudes of a company and guide their business decisions.  If you feel that we can help your organisation, then contact us now on 0800 612 7429 or email enquiries@diversiti.uk for a free EDI audit and consultation on you needs.