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Why do diverse brands sell more?

Diversity is good for business. According to a Google study, 64% of consumers feel inspired to buy after seeing diverse advertisements from diverse brands.

According to Google, inclusive ads can influence consumer behaviour. As part of marketing communications, advertising and other forms of brand communication, consumers expect brands to be genuinely inclusive.

In the study, participants were asked to rate the brand based on a variety of factors related to diversity and inclusion in advertising. Among the various groups surveyed, LGBTQ and Black consumers expressed the strongest preference for diversity and inclusion in advertising.

More than 70% of LGBTQ consumers and 69% of Black consumers are more likely to interact with an advertisement that represents them authentically.

You can improve engagements and interest in your advertisements and brand by improving not only the amount of diversity in your ads, but also the quality and level of respect you include it with. Consumers are more likely to interact and engage with a brand that shares their values, and shows representation of people like them – especially for those people often not included in ads.

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Aspire, marketing agency in the US, explores why diversity in ads is more important that even for revenue.

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