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Are you worried about losing your employees?

With three in four workers thinking about leaving their jobs, now is the time to put in place good EDI practice and buck the trend, and keep employees. There is no better way that starting from the top. Our EDI leadership programmes will breathe new life into your company by improving morale and employee satisfaction!


Reverse mentoring
This module is designed to help ‘reverse mentors’ understand the role and benefits of reverse mentoring, potential barriers to reverse mentoring and identify a range of tools and techniques used in mentoring activity. Your business will benefit by developing knowledge and use of new technologies across your organisation. The reverse mentor can share their knowledge and skills with these technologies to enable their mentee to benefit from improved working practices.

Inclusive recruitment
We all know what a minefield recruitment can be. This course on Inclusive Recruitment is designed to help you understand how to apply techniques of inclusivity at all stages of the recruitment process. The course will ensure that all staff are aware of the issues surrounding equality, diversity and inclusion and be able to demonstrate this awareness through their actions in the workplace. This will have a ‘knock on effect’ in demonstrating to your customers and clients your commitment to these issues. This will result in tangible benefits for the workplace.

Being culturally competent in managing a diverse team
The greatest asset of any organisation is its people. This course will provide managers and team leaders with a greater in depth knowledge to develop the skills and ability to become culturally competent. They will develop a deeper understanding of how people from differing cultures view authority figures and approaches to work. Cross-cultural communication will be examined and managers will become aware of how to manage in a more culturally sensitive way. This training provides the opportunity for managers and team leaders to reflect and review their own practice and be more confident when dealing with cultural issues.