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Case Study – We Are Adam

Here we have one of of clients case study, how we worked with them and the outcomes of our training.

We Are Adam are a recruitment agency team, with offices in Manchester and London, that successfully help businesses grow through quality talent attraction. We Are Adam have worked very the past 14 years to create company culture built of the principles of trust, collaboration, mutual respect, and shared success.

What was the presenting training or team development need (objectives)?

We Are Adam are a digital recruitment agency and are looking to improve the general awareness of legislation and best practice around equality, diversity, and inclusion within their team.

How did we work with We Are Adam?

Prior to training commencing, we worked with We Are Adam to identify and agree on the detailed learning and behavioural outcomes required, the post-course evaluation strategy and any associated materials.

We proposed an interactive workshop delivered remotely. This included

  • Awareness of current legislation around EDI
  • Best practice around EDI
  • Appropriate language and terminology
  • Hints and tips for creating inclusive applications
  • Reaching out to a broader applicant base
  • Strategies for avoiding unconscious bias when interviewing applicants.

What was the training solution delivered?

1 x interactive 2-hour workshop with a key focus on a developing awareness of diversity, using inclusive language; inclusive recruitment (especially the application and interview processes). The workshop involved thought provoking activities, up to date information and facilitated discussions based on a case study relevant to recruitment that was delivered via Microsoft Teams.

How did you hear about us?

“From the initial meeting, I knew Diversiti UK were a great match for We Are Adam.  The team at Diversiti UK listened very carefully to our requirements and created a session that was packed full of valuable content; enough to keep short attention spans engaged without being overwhelming.”

“The key for my team was to take the theory and underpin it with real world examples, which Brit delivered perfectly.  The Chatham House rules and encouragement that no question was a bad question gave the team the freedom to ask things they haven’t felt able to discuss openly in other environments; meaning everyone was able to get the answers they personally needed to understand the wider impact of ED&I.”

“While some of our team would be considered well-versed in matters of diversity and inclusion – whether through personal experience or education – others rated themselves quite low.  After the session, everyone felt empowered to go on and spread the message about the importance of ED&I in recruitment, encouraging clients to make better decisions as part of their hiring and onboarding processes.”

“Working with Diversiti UK, it’s clear they are a well-oiled team, able to adapt to individual needs whilst delivering a consistent level of training. With only one briefing call and a couple of emails, our session delivered beyond my expectations with positive feedback from all involved.  A tough ask, as we’re a fussy bunch!”

“The greatest outcome for me, was that there was an immediate learning.  Straight away people were applying their new knowledge to situations in and out of work – a testament to how engaging and effective Brit’s teaching was.”

“As well as using our knowledge to encourage clients to make changes for the better, we’re turning our learnings inwards and looking at how our own processes, systems etc. can be adjusted to ensure the best experience for employees, candidates, and clients alike.  It’s being taken into consideration in our website redesign (due 2022), as well as how we communicate with each other internally, and more people have chosen to add their pronouns to their email signature to indicate a safe space for all.” – Leanne Scarletta

“Also, as someone with ADHD, it was useful for my colleagues to understand me a bit more. In fact, we were able to utilise skills learnt in the session immediately afterwards regarding a project I was becoming overwhelmed on causing sensory issues”

Kimi Wright

“The whole webinar was hugely insightful, engaging, and worthwhile – learned so much and was hugely thought provoking. Brit was energetic, authentic, and very punchy and succinct with her delivering and coaching style. Bravo Brit!”

Leon Milns

“Brit was superb. She brought life to what can be a dry topic by engaging the team with real life stories. There was a level of authenticity that is hard to create and really got the buy in of those on the course.”

Leanne Scarletta

“This course was very informative and much needed in today’s changing world”

Susannah T

“The way Brit brought the examples to life and related to herself and others around her – I enjoyed the war stories, and I felt Brit’s authentic style was so engaging.”

Vanessa Jackson

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