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Key Takeaways from World Menopause Day 2023

Every year on October 18, the world unites to observe World Menopause Day, aiming to obliterate the stigma surrounding menopause and highlight the support available for those experiencing this natural phase of life. While some might perceive menopause as a gender and age-specific concern, it’s much more; it’s an organisational issue that affects colleagues both directly and indirectly.

1. Empowering Through Awareness:

One of the primary objectives of World Menopause Day is to raise awareness. It’s about bringing this topic into the spotlight, allowing society to confront the realities of menopause openly. By acknowledging menopause as a shared experience, we break barriers and foster understanding.

2. Dispelling Misinformation:

Despite the increasing awareness, there are still numerous myths surrounding menopause. These misconceptions can lead to fear and unnecessary worry. World Menopause Day emphasises the importance of dispelling these myths, providing accurate information, and thereby empowering individuals to face this phase with confidence and knowledge.

3. Educating Businesses for a Menopause-Friendly Workplace:

Menopause doesn’t just affect personal lives; it profoundly influences professional ones too. Astonishingly, 10 percent of women leave their jobs due to menopausal symptoms. Many others reduce their working hours or miss out on well-deserved promotions. Educating businesses about the challenges menopausal employees face is crucial. By fostering a menopause-friendly workplace culture, organisations can retain valuable talent and ensure the well-being of their employees.

4. Supporting Women Through Menopause:

Support is pivotal during the menopausal journey. For many women, it’s a time of physical and emotional upheaval. Organisations and communities must step up to support women navigating these changes. By offering understanding, flexibility, and resources, we can help women continue their careers seamlessly.

5. Equipping Younger Women:

Education is the key to preparedness. Providing practical advice to younger women is essential. By educating them about the symptoms and challenges associated with menopause, we empower them to recognise and address these issues in the future. This proactive approach ensures that when the time comes, women are prepared and knowledgeable, mitigating the impact of menopausal symptoms on their lives and careers.

This year, a significant stride was made in partnership between the British Menopause Society and ITN Business. Together, they produced a news-style program featuring conversations with health professionals. The program not only discussed best practices for organisations but also provided practical advice for younger women. By combining expert knowledge with real-life experiences, this initiative played a vital role in furthering the cause of menopause awareness. Visit the British Menopause Society website here

As we reflect on the key takeaways from World Menopause Day 2023, let’s carry this awareness forward. By continuing the conversation, dispelling myths, and supporting one another, we can create a world where menopause is not a barrier but a phase embraced with understanding and compassion. Together, we can make every workplace menopause-friendly and ensure that women can navigate this natural transition with dignity and confidence.

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