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Tackling the Digital Divide in Our Local Community

The pandemic has brought attention to digital inequality in the UK, leaving most vulnerable individuals cut off from job opportunities and loved ones during the lock down. We complete at least 90 tasks online every day and for those who are digitally excluded, important tasks like banking can take an extra 1.5 hours without connectivity. Digital connectivity is crucial for finding and maintaining employment, and sometimes a smartphone is the sole device people use for learning, coordinating care, and accessing financial services.

Since 2021, Diversiti UK has distributed 200 free Vodafone SIMs to those most disadvantaged in our local community as part of the Everyone Connected digital inclusion programme. Free data, unlimited calls, and texts have assisted recipients of the programme in searching and applying for jobs, accessing training, and scheduling appointments, which would otherwise be challenging.

We take pride in being a part of Vodafone UK’s everyone.connected campaign, which has now reached halfway in its mission to help 4 million people bridge the digital divide.

Find out more about realities of the digital divide by watching Emma Wills and Vodafone’s docu-series.