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Case Study: Hazlitt’s Hotel Undergoes EDI Training from Diversiti UK

Hazlitt’s Hotel chains in London are one of Diversiti UK’s newest clients and recently underwent EDI (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion) training throughout their organisation. Hazlitt’s sought to understand how EDI could be better managed and enjoyed to the fullest by incorporating best practices into their hospitality business.

The Challenge

Diversiti UK helps organisations across various industries, each with its own unique challenges and opportunities. In the hospitality sector, EDI is about more than just recognising differences; it’s about valuing them and understanding their impact on both employees and guests.

The hospitality industry is one of the most multicultural in the world, naturally catering to a diverse clientele and workforce. Extensive supply chains involve numerous businesses associated with the sector, along with a diverse set of employees and customers from around the world. This diversity can present challenges but also creates opportunities for organisations to become more productive, creative, innovative, and attractive to customers. Understanding cultural diversity and effectively managing a diverse workforce can bring significant rewards to any business.

The Training Solution

Diversiti UK proposed a comprehensive EDI training programme tailored to Hazlitt’s needs. This programme aimed to improve cultural awareness, communication, and collaboration within the organisation. Key components of the training included:

  • Awareness of Current EDI Legislation: Educating employees about legal requirements and their importance.
  • Best Practices in EDI: Implementing strategies for inclusive recruitment and retention.
  • Appropriate Language and Terminology: Promoting the use of respectful and inclusive language.
  • Creating Inclusive Applications: Tips for making job applications accessible and welcoming.
  • Broadening Applicant Reach: Strategies to attract a wider range of candidates.
  • Avoiding Unconscious Bias: Techniques to reduce bias during the interview process.

The Benefits

The EDI training delivered by Diversiti UK provided significant benefits to Hazlitt’s Hotel, including:

  • Improved Cultural Awareness: Employees learned to acknowledge and appreciate their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and cultural histories.
  • Enhanced Communication and Collaboration:** Better communication and collaboration among employees from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Increased Job Satisfaction: A more inclusive environment led to improved job satisfaction, reducing turnover and creating loyal, productive workers.

Client Feedback

“EDI training is a valuable tool that can deliver significant benefits, helping to improve cultural awareness, communication, and collaboration. Employees are helped to acknowledge and appreciate their different backgrounds, experiences, and cultural histories. As a result, job satisfaction will improve, reducing turnover and creating loyal, productive workers.” — Management at Hazlitt’s Hotel

Overcoming Future Challenges

Despite the numerous benefits, EDI training also addressed potential challenges:

  • Encouraging Employee Voices: Helping employees from different cultures feel comfortable speaking up.
  • Combating Stereotypes and Prejudices: Reducing stereotypes and prejudices that could hinder team integration.
  • Improving Communication: Preventing misunderstandings caused by poor communication.


EDI training can help address these challenges and prevent negative outcomes, which can be harmful to an organisation’s brand and bottom line. Diversiti UK’s training programme showed Hazlitt’s Hotel how to:

  • Prioritise Diversity in Hiring: Making diversity a key component of the hiring process.
  • Create Inclusive Policies: Developing clear policies that promote inclusivity.
  • Support Effective Communication: Finding ways to enhance communication within the team.
  • Encourage Positive Interactions: Fostering positive interactions among employees.
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