Life Skills Booster

Boost your skills, boost your opportunities and secure a better future

Many people who have been out of work due to health issues, caring responsibilities, or redundancy often experience a loss of confidence, which can become a barrier to returning to work. They can benefit from a short course to boost their self-belief and work skills.

That’s why we’ve created a dedicated website called Life Skills Booster. It’s here to support anyone who needs extra help with interview techniques, CV writing, digital skills, ESOL, or maths.

We work with work coaches, recruitment agencies, pre-employment partners, and employers to help prepare people for employment and develop their necessary skills. If you know someone who could do with a boost, then you are in the right place.

Ready for a boost?

Are you here to help yourself, a friend, or a relative? Do you or someone you care about lack confidence with numbers, digital and life skills? We all need a little boost sometimes to help us get started, whether with skills at work or at home.

Skills you can boost with us

Planning and Budgeting
Money management
Help with kid’s homework
Form filling
Confidence and self-esteem
Writing skills including CV writing
ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
Computer and digital skills
Organising data
UK Culture (ESOL job seekers)
Numeracy for work
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