Helen Gould

Senior Diversity and Inclusion consultant and trainer

Helen (he/she/they) has been active in the social justice space since her time at the University of Warwick, where she was elected as Women’s Officer in her third year.

When they moved to London in 2013, they quickly got involved in grassroots activist groups in London, advocating for racial justice and gender equality. At the same time, they started to explore their interest in the games industry, and soon became a part of the London indie gaming scene. Eventually they combined the two, and began delivering talks and workshops on social justice in media (both paid and voluntary).

Memorable titles have included: Wakanda, Africa, and Alternate Futures; Get Out: The Horror of Whiteness; Stale, Male, and Pale: Character Creation and Diversity in Gaming; Will You Join In Our Crusade? Portrayals of Protest in Fiction and Reality

In 2018 he started freelancing full-time, with the bulk of his work focusing on sensitivity consultation: a relatively new editorial role in the publishing field, which helps authors to portray marginalised groups in authentic and three-dimensional ways, avoiding harmful stereotypes. This experience led him to becoming Lead Sensitivity Editor at podcast company Rusty Quill Ltd., and then their Head of Inclusion after becoming increasingly valuable to business operations.

Since then, she has given workshops on unconscious bias, intersectionality, privilege, and many other important DEI topics. Her approach focuses on addressing these issues with equal parts kindness and honesty. In her sessions, there is no shame in ignorance as long as everybody is working towards improvement.

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