Raswella Warburton

Diversity and inclusion Trainer

Qualifications: BSs Social Science Open Degree, Open University PTLLS; Business and Personal Coach (Member of CIPD and ICF)

Raswella is a first-generation British born Afro-Caribbean woman and the child of Windrush immigrants from the Caribbean. Her experience of discrimination and social justice started early as her father was a prominent Rastafarian and community leader in North London. Political and social discourse at home was part of Raswella’s upbringing, so when she entered the Ministry of Defence, Raswella quickly became involved in working groups for the advancement and promotion of underrepresented groups within the Ministry of Defence.

During ten years as a diversity and inclusion officer overseas in Germany in an Army Education Centre, Raswella was responsible for: Mandatory DI training for staff, EDI issues relating to education, training and transition, monitoring accessibility of education provision for spouses, particularly those from the Commonwealth, Fiji and Nepal and those with disabilities.

Since leaving the MoD, Raswella has worked in coaching and training with many different groups and stakeholders to develop policies about diversity and inclusion. Raswella combines coaching and training to create a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires clients to maximise personal and professional potential in various settings.

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