Cultural Competence

Recommended course length: Full day; but can be condensed into a half-day if required 


This workshop will help participants to develop cultural competency through understanding what skills they may need to develop and the importance of inclusive communication at all levels of a business. Participants will be able to reflect on their behaviour, review their own practice, and be more confident in dealing with cultural differences and biases.

This class is a natural progression from our Cultural awareness course and examines cultural issues in greater depth. If you have not already undertaken cultural awareness training, we strongly recommend adding this class before beginning our Cultural competence course.

Topics Covered

  • What is cultural competence, and how does it differ from cultural awareness?
  • The six stages of cultural competence
  • Personal skills for cultural competence
  • Filters and self-awareness
  • Effective cross-cultural communication
  • Barriers to and strategies for cross-cultural communication
  • Case studies

Course Outcomes

  • Define cultural competency and understand the relevant skills
  • Deal more effectively with cultural differences
  • Understand common communication barriers and how to overcome them
  • Develop an action plan for how they and their organisation can become culturally competent

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