Intersectionality and data evaluation

Recommended course length: Half day


Most organisations collect information on the demographics of their employees, but many do not put this information to good use – for example, to inform EEDI strategies, improve recruitment processes, or identify potential barriers and biases in the workplace.

This workshop will explore strategies for gathering, monitoring, and analysing this data; how it can benefit your understanding of EEDI in your organisation; and how you can use it to improve outcomes for marginalised staff members.

Topics Covered

  • What is intersectionality, and how does it apply here?
  • Data capture and analysis
  • How to review and inspect your data
  • Using an intersectional framework 
  • to check for barriers and missing information
  • ensuring that data capture and reporting is “clean” (e.g. anonymity where relevant) and organised
  • Making sure that employee data is used meaningfully

Course Outcomes

  • Identify gaps in organisational data
  • Collect, monitor, and evaluate data with an intersectional lens
  • Use employee data to improve EEDI across the business

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