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Revealing Hidden Insights: How Intersectional Data Analysis Transforms Your Business

By employing an intersectional approach, businesses can uncover hidden insights that drive better decision-making, enhance employee engagement, and boost customer satisfaction. Intersectionality, a concept introduced by Kimberlé Crenshaw, examines how various social identities—such as gender, race, and disability—intersect to shape individual experiences uniquely. This nuanced understanding allows organisations to identify and address gaps, fostering a more inclusive and equitable workplace. Discover how applying an intersectional framework to your data can transform your business outcomes.


How do you banish workplace menopause stigma?

Menopausal women are the fastest-growing demographic in the workforce so it’s high time we confronted the silence around menopause at work. Whether you’re a manager, leader, or colleague, here are some practical steps you can take to make a difference …


How to create an inclusive work culture

With 71% of millennials stating that diversity and inclusion is important to them when considering a new employer, it has never been more important for organisations to understand how having a diverse and inclusive culture can impact their bottom line.


How to bully-proof kids for life

Joanna Moorehead from The Guardian provides invaluable insight into patterns of bullying and preventative tips for parents and carers. She explores how to make children more resilient to bullying and in return stop them becoming bullies themselves.


Code Like a Girl

Scottish born software engineer Amy Watson, started Code Like a Girl in 2016 while studying Computer Science at the Glasgow University. The company was set up with a mission to attract more women into the industry still dominated by men and closing a pay gap within tech industry.

black bottles viewed from above - Dry January
Community, Opinions

Dry January – Should Our Relationship to Alcohol Change?

Dry January – What And Why? As we come up on the New Year and enjoy the parties of the

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